FLEX TV Activation Only

FLEX TV from DISH... No contract and No SSN Required! Good Credit or NO Credit is fine! Enjoy local channels, regional sports channels, international channels, adult channels, and more! You own the equipment! No lease fees!  Please provide us your phone number so we may call you and set-up your FLEX TV account. Activation fee is non-refundable.


This option is for self-installers that already have the proper DISH Network dish antenna and will be ordering a receiver as well.  Activation cannot be purchased by itself, it must accompany a receiver purchase.  

If you need NATIONWIDE installation, call us at 216-267-5076.   

This item must be included with your receiver order when starting a NEW FLEX TV account and self-installing.

If you already have an active DISH account and just want to add a receiver, NO activation fee is required.

FLEX TV Activation Only
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